Bring Out Your Inherent Beauty

If you've never consulted a Licensed Full Specialist, it's possible that you're not getting the best eyelash extensions to fit you.

Beautifying is about enhancing the qualities we're born with. For eyelashes, that means understanding the perfect eyelash style and extension service that will bring out your natural born beauty to the fullest.

Going with common lashes that a salon makes the most profit on is not in your best interest. After all, you are not common, you're unique... like no other.

Selecting the right eyelashes and extension work for yourself is really important. You'll know you have the most suitable lashes when you look in the mirror and feel beautiful.

The first thing to do is make an appointment with me so we can determine the best lashes from my lash bar of many different options.

Next, learn a little more what options are out there.

There are a lot of eyelashes and extension services because of there different characteristics each of us have from one person to the next.

Getting a run of the mill eyelash job is like using only 3 types of lipstick for everyone. It's too limited. Worst of all, it is keeping women from bringing out your unique beauty you were born with.

There are far too many eyes options for this article, but let's consider a few important points to consider when choosing the best lashes for you.

1. Eye Shape: Look at the contour of your eyes. Are they relatively round and wide or more shaped like an almond? You want people to be able to see your eyes, and you want to be able to have good vision up to down, side to side.

If you can see most of your iris, then you have round eyes. Curly lashes go well to lift and enhance the curve of your upper lid. Heavy, voluminous lashes will make your eyes look smaller and flatter, so you likely need to stay away from that style.

Almond-shaped eyes are considered oval shape. Adding volume with full lashes really enhances this eye shape Of course, they need to be evenly distributed.

2. Lash Quantity: Do you have a lt of lashes or few? Eyelash extensions can be done where a single extension is adhered to each single lash. If the number of lashes isn't there for that we have the perfect answer to longer, fuller lashes.

3. Eyelash Density: How think are your natural lashes to begin with? Are the string enough to hold individual extensions or should you have sets?

These are just a few things to know and consider. If you come in to see me, we will together make the best decision for enhancing your face and eyes. If you go elsewhere, make sure that your esthetician takes the time to consider the service for you.

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You Confident and Empowered is What it's All About

My purpose is to bring out the beauty in women so they feel confident and powerful.

This is what drives me to never stop learning and perfecting new and better techniques that make you more beautiful by enhancing the qualities you were born with.

Take a few minutes to come in and reset, relax and rejuvenate yourself with some well-deserved pampering.

Love your body & love yourself

It's our nature to nurture... but this often means neglecting ourselves.

This is one reason why so many women come to our salon every couple of weeks.

This, by itself, makes them more beautiful because their inner beauty shows on their faces, in their eyes and the way they stand more relaxed and prideful.

When you look beautiful you feel beautiful. Coming to the salon isn't something nice to do, it's an important part of self-preservation and rejuvenation.

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