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Eyelash Extensions

You deserve better than a rushed eyelash extension service by a rookie eyelash person in a place that makes you feel more stressed than pampered.

Your eyelash extension expert will be me, Sage Kern. I've been doing eyelashes for 5 years as a licensed full service beauty technician.

Come to the beautiful town of Dunedin and relax for a while and reveal your inner beauty.

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Let's Talk

Let's Talk

727-641-6783—Give me a call and I’ll tell you what to expect on your lash extension visit.

Body & Soul

A visit to your beauty salon should be all about the experience and your wellbeing. Sage's suite is private and cozy. Peaceful music is played, and the room's temperature set to your liking.
You need to rest assured that your beauty expert is using only natural and have confidence they are been humanely tested products. Sage goes the extra mile for you in all departments.

Premium Eyelash Extensions

It doesn't surprise me when someone new at something gets a big reality check on the level of difficulty it takes to do something at a high level of quality.

It always looks easy when the person is skilled at their craft. Eyelash extensions are no exception.

There is a lot that goes into an eyelash extension service.

Early on in my career, I had a personal bad experience where someone had done a really poor job on my lashes. lashes clumped with glue, lashes poking my eyes..., it was a horrible experience.

I can't imagine this person still being in business, unless of course she kept at it for a long time, perfecting her craft.

Finding someone exceptional in what they do is rare. There are a lot of mediocre products and services all around. The really good ones are hard to find.

woman with full eyelash extensions

How do you know you've got a real pro? They make perfection look easy. You can just see it in the way they move about their environment. They're smooth with motions, fast, and they're even really having a lot of fun.

Most of all, they produce exceptional results for you!

I invite you to come see me for your next eyelash extensions service and see for yourself how years of experience and personal pride makes a difference in how beautiful you look and feel.



Sage's Top Offers


Full Eyelash Extensions

Sage is expert at eyelash extensions. With lash extensions done the right way, you look incredible!
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2-Week Fill Eyelash Extensions

Keep your lashes looking beautiful with an Eyelash Extension Fill after 2 weeks of getting your last lash extension service.
Hair Removal

Full Body Wax

Remove unwanted body hair with premium products that leave your skin soft and smooth. Get it all done at once.


Dunedin is known for many wonderful things, and her salons are no exception. And when it comes to eyelash extensions, Outrageous Beauty Salon is at the top.

After 5 years of servicing her loyal clients at different salons in the Pinellas County area, Full Specialist, Sage Kern, recently opened up her own business on Main Street in Dunedin, FL.

"I'm so excited to be able to serve you even better than before with more appointments, high-quality products, and an incredible experience at my new salon!"

Come to Dunedin and see me for the best in lash extensions.


To keep your lashes looking perfect, come in every couple of weeks for an eyelash touchup.

Come relax for a while and find your inner beauty.


Body waxing made safe and simple! I use only the best quality, chemical-free soft waxes.

I thing you will agree that it's important to make body waxing as comfortable and pain-free as ever possible. At Outrageous Beauty Salon, you'll get the best full body waxing services as ever possible.

You'll be smooth all over: upper lip, underarms, legs and Brazilian body wax hair removal.

Eyelash Extensions That Fit You

If you've never consulted a Licensed Full Specialist, it's possible that you're not getting the best eyelash extensions to fit you.

Beautifying is about enhancing the qualities we're born with. For eyelashes, that means understanding the perfect eyelash style and extension service that will bring out your natural born beauty to the fullest.

Going with common lashes that a salon makes the most profit on is not in your best interest. After all, you are not common, you're unique... like no other.

Selecting the right eyelashes and extension work for yourself is really important. You'll know you have the most suitable lashes when you look in the mirror and feel beautiful.
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